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Dear Planned Parenthood, No One Needs You

Dear Planned Parenthood,

Among the biggest lies that you have told your audience is that you are needed. You seem to think that if you were to shutter your doors, women would suddenly be propelled backwards 200 years or more. You seem to think that you, and you alone, are the only organization capable of helping women. You are wrong. No one needs you. No one needs you, for several reasons:

1.) No one needs you because you do not offer a single unique service that cannot be more readily found elsewhere.
2.) No one needs you because you do not offer even the most basic health services, especially womens' health services.
3.) No one needs you because you do not have a single location in the United States in which you are the only option available to women and men.

You do not offer a single service that is not more readily available elsewhere. Am I wrong? If you provide a single unique service that cannot be found elsewhere, name it. Tell the world about what you have contributed to the world of healthcare. You won't, because you can't. No such unique service exists at your organization. Stop trying to convince people that your organization is needed in order for health services to be offered. You are not needed for this.

In an interesting side note, the closest thing you have to a unique service is abortion, since you perform approximately 1/3 of all abortions in the United States in any given year. You don't offer unique services that women need. In fact, you are having the opposite effect, as many of your advocates, staff, and personnel have actively opposed legislation preventing sex-selective abortion. Girls are disproportionately affected by this, but you don't care. You are too busy killing girls in the womb to care about their health. No one needs this type of "care".

You also fail to offer even the most basic health services, especially the health services that women need. When was the last time that you performed a mammogram? You're not even licensed to perform mammograms. What happens when battered women come into your clinic? You have sent many women back into the hands of their abusers. When was the last time you offered to support women who choose to keep their child but are in need of help? You don't go out of your way to help these women. This falls on the Crisis Pregnancy Centers that you revile so much.

You also don't have a single location in the United States at which you are the only option for women to receive the care that they need. In fact, you see a relatively small number of women each year for an incredibly narrow range of services. For every Planned Parenthood, there are at least 20 other options. These options are within walking distance of the local Planned Parenthood. In fact, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC's) reach people that you don't. Before you begin attacking the concept of federal tax dollars being redirected to these resources, you should perhaps think about all of the women that would be helped by doing so. You won't, because you never cared about them. No one needs that.

Some of you are thinking, "Travis, many women choose Planned Parenthood for [enter one of the narrow range of services Planned Parenthood offers here]." That is correct. Many women CHOOSE Planned Parenthood. This does not, in any way, demonstrate that they NEED Planned Parenthood. I can CHOOSE to go to one accountant over another when it is time to file my taxes. That does not mean that I NEED that accountant to file my taxes. I can say the same thing about anything else that I CHOOSE in this life. I don't NEED to spend my money on one type of food over another, but I CHOOSE to. If I discovered that one brand of food makes its profit from food made from dead people, I would not only stop eating this food, I would stand and attack it. In the same way, if I found out that my accountant killed every third client that walked through his doors, I would stop using him and I would seek to have him prosecuted for his crimes. Why should you be the exception to the rule? No one NEEDS a homicidal accountant, and no one NEEDS you.

As a sidenote, this objection is incredibly deceptive. It attempts to twist the statement, "No one needs Planned Parenthood," into an attack on personal choice itself. It is not an attack on free will. Rather, it is a statement of truth. No one NEEDS you.

Some of you may also be thinking, "Travis, many women WANT Planned Parenthood." That doesn't make a dent in my argument. I want some popcorn right now. Does that mean that I NEED popcorn right now? By no means. In the same way that there is a distinction between CHOOSING and NEEDING, there is also a distinction between WANTING and NEEDING. Some women may WANT Planned Parenthood, and some women may CHOOSE Planned Parenthood, but no one NEEDS Planned Parenthood. Stop telling this lie.


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