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On Christian Privilege

I have heard quite a bit of talk about so-called "Christian Privilege" lately. Most recently, I have read about a workshop held at George Washington University in order to combat this apparent privilege that Christians have. The event was hosted by Timothy Kane, who is the university's director for inclusion initiatives, as well as a gay member of the university's LGBTQ community. His claim, as is the claim of many others, is that Christians, especially in the United States, enjoy special privileges that are not shared by other groups. I would like to take a minute to examine this claim.

Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world. Conservative estimates state that there are approximately 200 MILLION Christians around the world who are currently facing persecution for their faith [1]. Of these, conservative estimates state that over 100,000 Christians are killed for their faith each and every year [2]. This amounts to one Christian being killed f…